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Goldsource Mines Inc.

Goldsource Archived Releases

Dec 14, 2011  
Goldsource To Resume Trading December 15, 2011

Dec 12, 2011  
Goldsource Announces Termination of ZEEP Transaction Reviews Latest Drill Program Results

Nov 29, 2011  
Stronghold Metals Drills 19.05 Metres At 3.13 G/T Au

Nov 21, 2011  
Eagle Mountain Gold Corp Announces Updated Resource Estimate For The Eagle Mountain Gold Project In Guyana

Nov 15, 2011  
Stronghold Metals Clarifies Engagement Of First Canadian Capital Corp.

Nov 14, 2011  
Stronghold Engages First Canadian Capital Corp. To Provide Investor Relation Services

Nov 4, 2011  
Goldsource Corporate Update ZEEP Transaction Closing Date Extended + 100 Metre Coal Zones Intercepted at Border

Oct 11, 2011  
Stronghold Metals Announces The Signing Of Definitive Option Agreement With Mowasi Gold Corp.

Sep 26, 2011  
Stronghold Metals Drills 24.19 Metres At 9.10 G/T Au --- The Company Reports Further Analytical Results From Its Drilling Program At Eagle Mountain Gold Project In Guyana

Sep 7, 2011  
Stronghold Announces A Letter Of Intent To Acquire Mowasi Gold’s Property Adjacent To The Company’s Eagle Mountain Project In Guyana

Sep 6, 2011  
Goldsource Begins Drill Program at Border

Sep 1, 2011  
Goldsource Mines Inc. Signs Definitive Arrangement Agreement with Zero Emission Energy Plants Ltd.

Aug 15, 2011  
Stronghold Metals Reports Drilling Program Update And Positive Analytical Results At Eagle Mountain Gold Project In Guyana

Jul 19, 2011  
Stronghold Announces Over-Subscription Of Non-Brokered Private Placement

Jul 11, 2011  
Goldsource Proposes Merger with Coal Gasification Technology Company - Prepares For Summer Drill Program

Jun 29, 2011  
Stronghold Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement

Jun 9, 2011  
Second Rig Ordered For Eagle Mountain Gold Project Stronghold Metals Also Announces Plans To Increase Its Technical Field Team In Guyana

May 19, 2011  
Goldsource Mines Completes $3.7 Million Financings via Short Form Offering Document and Private Placement

Apr 25, 2011  
Goldsource Mines Announces Increase to Private Placement Financing

Apr 18, 2011  
Goldsource Mines Announces $3 Million Financing Via Short Form Offering Document and Private Placement

Mar 31, 2011  
Goldsource Announces Joint Venture Agreement on 25% of Westcore Energy Ltd.’s Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Permits

Mar 23, 2011  
Major Drilling Program Begins At Eagle Mountain Gold Project In Guyana

Mar 17, 2011  
Goldsource Files Positive Preliminary Assessment Report for the Border Coal Project

Mar 16, 2011  
Stronghold Metals Announces Drill Results From Its Tucuma Project In Brazil

Feb 28, 2011  
Goldsource Receives Positive Preliminary Assessment for the Border Coal Project

Dec 14, 2010  
Goldsource Updates Preliminary Assessment Files Quarterly Statements

Dec 2, 2010  
Stronghold Announces Over Subscription Of Non-Brokered Private Placement

Nov 24, 2010  
Stronghold Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement

Nov 23, 2010  
Stronghold Clarifies Historical Disclosure

Oct 28, 2010  
Stronghold Metals Has Commenced Its Diamond Drilling Program In Brazil

Sep 30, 2010  
Stronghold Announces Strategic Transaction With Iamgold On Eagle Mountain Gold Property In Guyana

Sep 8, 2010  
Stronghold Announces Tucuma Exploration Program

Aug 31, 2010  
Stronghold Announces Dr. Michael J. Byron Joins Senior Management Team As Vice President Of Exploration

Aug 4, 2010  
Stronghold Announces Reduction In Outstanding Stock Options

Jul 15, 2010  
Goldsource Reports Border Coal Results

Jun 22, 2010  
Goldsource Appoints New Corporate Officers

Jun 1, 2010  
Goldsource Announces Upcoming Events: Cambridge Conference, Annual General Meeting

May 5, 2010  
SilverCrest and Goldsource Appoint Director of Communications

Apr 9, 2010  
Goldsource Drills 126.5 Metre Coal Zone Intercept Completes Winter Program

Jan 26, 2010  
Goldsource Commences Winter Drill Program

Jan 25, 2010  
Goldsource Files Border Ni 43‐101 Technical Report

Jan 14, 2010  
Stronghold Announces Resignation Of VP Exploration

Dec 11, 2009  
Goldsource Announces Agreement with Westcore Energy Ltd. to Identify Prime Saskatchewan Coal Drill Targets

Dec 9, 2009  
Goldsource Commences Drilling on Manitoba Coal Permits

Dec 7, 2009  
Carat Exploration Inc. Cancels Option And Joint Venture Agreement With Brasilca Mining Corporation And Enters Into An Agreement To Acquire Mineracao Vale Do Sonho Ltda.

Nov 24, 2009  
Carat Exploration Inc Announces Corporate Changes - Dr Luiz Bizzi Becomes A Director Of The Company

Nov 9, 2009  
Goldsource Announces Initial Border Coal Resource

Oct 30, 2009  
Goldsource Receives Manitoba Permits; Updates Border Technical Report Status

Oct 14, 2009  
Goldsource Mines Inc.
Announcement; Wendy Mathison Memorial Service

Oct 13, 2009  
Goldsource Mines Inc. Announcement

Aug 24, 2009  
Goldsource Reports New 23–50 Metre Coal Intercepts; 15 Coal Deposits Identified At Border Project To Date

Jul 30, 2009  
Goldsource Reports on Border Summer Drill Program; New Large Sub-basin Discovered with 62 Metres of Coal; New Airborne Survey Identifies Additional Drill Targets

Jul 28, 2009  
Carat Exploration Inc. Announces Grant Of Stock Options

Jun 29, 2009  
Shareholders Loan - Carat Exploration Inc. Announces Loan

Jun 26, 2009  
Carat Exploration Inc. Announces Closing Of Its Non-Brokered Private Placement

Jun 25, 2009  
Goldsource Announces Coal Quality Results;
Commences Drilling Program At Border Coal Project

May 22, 2009  
Goldsource Announces Amendment of Stock Option Plan, Option Grants and Repricing

May 21, 2009  
Carat Exploration Inc. Announces Private Placement

May 19, 2009  
Carat Exploration Inc. Engages Acqua Capital Group To Provide Investor Relation Services

Apr 28, 2009  
Goldsource Reports Positive Results for Border Coal Initial Washability Tests

Apr 7, 2009  
Goldsource Completes Winter Drill Program At Border; 34 Holes Contain Aggregate Coal Intercepts Ranging From 10 to 100 Meters

Mar 2, 2009  
Goldsource Announces New Coal Discovery at Border Project, Saskatchewan; Split‐Leaf Area Produces 35.3 Metre Coal Zone Intercept

Feb 27, 2009  
Goldsource Announces Coal Continuity Developing in Pasquia Sub-Basin, Border Project, Saskatchewan; Drilling Intersects Combined Coal Thickness of 56.2m

Feb 26, 2009  
Goldsource Intercepts 132.6 Metre Coal Zone at Border Project

Feb 9, 2009  
Goldsource Updates Border Winter Drill Program;
Intercepts New 50 Metre Coal Zone at Border Project

Jan 12, 2009  
Goldsource Commences Border Winter Drill Program; Receives Ballantyne Coal Permits

Dec 15, 2008  
Goldsource Appoints Vice President Of Operations

Dec 1, 2008  
Goldsource Receives Saskatchewan Work Permits; Confirms Winter Drill Program

Nov 11, 2008  
Goldsource Confirms Thermal Coal Quality At Border Coal Property, Saskatchewan

Oct 9, 2008  
Eric Friedland Joins Goldsource Board

Oct 3, 2008  
Goldsource Summarizes Border Coal Discovery, Prepares for Winter Program

Aug 22, 2008  
Carat Has Closed The First Tranche Of A Private Placement

Aug 19, 2008  
Goldsource Completes Initial Drill Program Border Property, Saskatchewan

Aug 5, 2008  
Goldsource Intercepts 36.8 Metres of Continuous Coal Border Property, Saskatchewan

Jul 28, 2008  
Goldsource Drills 23.2 Metre Coal Intercept at Border Property

Jul 21, 2008  
Goldsource Updates Border Coal Drill Program

Jul 14, 2008  
Goldsource Commences Border Coal Drill Program

Jun 27, 2008  
Goldsource Mines Completes $18 Million Private Placement

Jun 26, 2008  
Goldsource Receives Additional Saskatchewan Coal Permits

Jun 20, 2008  
Goldsource Mines Prices $18 Million Private Placement

Jun 17, 2008  
Goldsource Receives Saskatchewan Coal Permits; Confirms Summer Drill Program

Jun 13, 2008  
Goldsource Mines Inc. Announces Private Placement Financing

Jun 2, 2008  
Goldsource Appoints New Director

May 29, 2008  
Goldsource Retains Norwest For Independent Review of Saskatchewan Coal Discovery

May 22, 2008  
Goldsource Receives Ministry Confirmation of Priority Status for Coal Applications

May 9, 2008  
Goldsource Mines Inc. Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan

May 5, 2008  
Goldsource Confirms Saskatchewan Coal Discovery Analytical Results and Coal Rankings Announced

Apr 28, 2008  
Goldsource Coal Intercepts in Saskatchewan

Apr 23, 2008  
Goldsource Announces Grant of Stock Options

Apr 22, 2008  
Goldsource Updates Drill Program on Saskatchewan Diamond Properties

Mar 13, 2008  
Carat Options The Tucuma Properties In Brazil's Premier Metal Province

Mar 10, 2008  
Goldsource Commences Drill Program on Saskatchewan Diamond Properties

Jan 2, 2008  
Carat Appoints Ioannis Tsitos As New President And CEO

Nov 1, 2007  
Goldsource Plans 22 Hole Drill Program on Saskatchewan Diamond Properties

Oct 26, 2007  
Investor Relations Agreement Signed With P.I.

Jul 18, 2007  
Appointment Of Personnel

Jul 9, 2007  
Announcement Of Financing

Jul 6, 2007  
Carat Cancels Financing

Jul 5, 2007  
Carat Grants Stock Option

May 3, 2007  
Carat Grants Stock Options

Apr 26, 2007  
Geophysical And Geochemical Surveys Concluded At The Combarbala Property In Chile

Apr 13, 2007  
Final Assays Released For Seneca Weaver Lake Project

Jan 29, 2007  
Announcement Of Board

Oct 17, 2006  
Goldsource Updates Progress On Saskatchewan Diamond Properties

Jun 5, 2006  
Goldsource Begins Drilling on Saskatchewan Big River Diamond Property

May 2, 2006  
Goldsource Receives Exchange Approval For Investor Relations and Minera Pacific Inc. Agreements

Apr 13, 2006  
Goldsource Signs With Minera Pacific Inc. and Engages Investor Relations Firm

Apr 6, 2006  
Goldsource Selects Drill Targets For Big River Diamond Property

Feb 13, 2006  
Big River Diamond Property, Airborne Geophysical Survey Completed

Dec 28, 2005  
Goldsource Announces Stock Option Grants

Dec 21, 2005  
Goldsource Closes Final Tranche Of Private Placement

Dec 12, 2005  
Goldsource Closes Second Tranche

Dec 5, 2005  
Goldsource Closes $4.7 Million First Tranche

Nov 23, 2005  
Goldsource Announces $5.9 Million Private Placement

Oct 26, 2005  
Goldsource Closes Saskatchewan Diamond Property Acquisition

Oct 12, 2005  
Goldsource Completes Rox Property Drill Program

Aug 4, 2005  
Goldsource Acquires Diamond Project

Aug 3, 2005  
Goldsource Announces Continuation into British Columbia

Feb 28, 2005  
Goldsource Mines Inc. has requested a resumption in the trading of its shares on the TSX Venture Exc

Dec 20, 2004  
Goldsource Announces Stock Option Grant

Jul 23, 2004  
Goldsource Announces Closing of Private Placement for $375,000

Jul 8, 2004  
Goldsource Announces Stock Option Grants

Jul 4, 2004  
Acquisition of shares of Goldsource Mines Inc.

Jun 15, 2004  
Goldsource Announces Private Placement for $375,000

Dec 31, 2003  
International Antam Resources Ltd. Closes Major Corporate Restructuring