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Goldsource Mines Inc.


Jay Taylor talks to Yannis Tsitos at the Metals Investor Forum, May 2019


Yannis Tsitos interviewed on Stock Pulse ( May 21, 2019


Goldstock - Jeb Handwerger interviews Yannis Tsitos, February 2019 - Michael Adams interviews Yannis Tsitos @ VRIC 2019


Goldsource Presentation with Yannis Tsitos @ VRIC January 2019


Goldsource Mines, Silver & Gold Summit, San Francisco, October 28, 2018


Goldsource Mines, Muskoka Capital Conference Testimonials 2017


Precious Metals Summit Conference, Sept 2016


Metals Investment Forum May 2016: Goldsource Mines Inc. (GXS) - Yannis Tsitos


Stock Telegraph Video Interview with Goldsource Mines at VRIC 2016

English interview after short German introduction.